carbonOS Software Repository

This is the main software repository for carbonOS! This includes a system OSTree repo, release ISO/IMG files, debuginfo files, the bootstrap and GPG keys


OSTree Repo

To install this repo into your system, follow these steps:

		# curl > /etc/ostree/remotes.d/carbon.conf
		# curl | ostree remote gpg-import carbon --stdin
		# curl | ostree remote gpg-import carbon --stdin

And to switch your carbonOS (or derivative) installation to the upstream repo use:

		$ ostree remote refs carbon
		[find appropriate base and kernel refs for your system and a compatible arch]
		$ updatectl switch --arch=ARCH --collection=sh.carbon.Stable --base=BASE --kernel=KERNEL

OSTree Unstable Repo

To install this repo into your system, follow these steps:

		# curl > /etc/ostree/remotes.d/carbon-unstable.conf
		# curl | ostree remote gpg-import carbon-unstable --stdin

And to switch your carbonOS installation to the unstable repo use:

		$ updatectl switch --collection=sh.carbon.Unstable

ISO/IMG Releases

These are bootable images containing either the carbonOS installer or a raw disk image (depending on your target)

Images are named according to this pattern: carbonOS-{VERSION}-{TARGET}.{iso or img}. For example: carbonOS-2021.1-installer.iso or carbonOS-2021.1-rpi.img

Debug Info

These are archives of the entire /usr/lib/debug tree of each carbonOS release. These archives are scanned by debuginfod and metadata is made available at Tools like GDB will download this metadata on-demand. This allows carbonOS to have nice interactive debugging and coredumps without shipping the large debuginfo files with the OS.

To use the carbonOS debuginfo repository, you must set DEBUGINFOD_URLS="" in your environment. Please note that you cannot and should not rely on the availability of these archives. They'll only be kept around for the lifetime of a release, after which they may (read: will) be deleted.

If you encounter a package missing debuginfo data, please file a bug here


These is an ostree repository that contains the carbonOS system bootstrap. This repository is part of the build infrastructure and should not be used directly.

GPG Keys

These are the distribution GPG keys. A new key is generated approx. every 6 months, and each release of carbonOS includes its own key and the next key. You can get the latest in-use gpg key at current.gpg and the upcoming gpg key at next.gpg. Nightly OS builds use the unstable.gpg key