carbonOS Software Repository

This is the main software repository for carbonOS! This includes a system OSTree repo, release ISO/IMG files, debuginfo files, and GPG keys


OSTree Repo

To install this repo into your system, follow these steps:

		$ curl > /etc/ostree/remotes.d/carbon.conf
		$ curl | ostree remote gpg-import carbon --stdin
		$ curl | ostree remote gpg-import carbon --stdin

And to switch your carbonOS (or derivative) installation to the upstream repo use:

		$ ostree remote refs carbon
		[find appropriate base and kernel refs for your system and a compatible arch]
		$ updatectl switch --arch=ARCH --collection=sh.carbon.Stable --base=BASE --kernel=KERNEL

ISO/IMG Releases

These are bootable images containing either the carbonOS installer or a raw disk image (depending on your target)

Images are named according to this pattern: carbonOS-{VERSION}-{TARGET}.{iso or img}. For example: carbonOS-2021.1-installer.iso or carbonOS-2021.1-rpi.img


This allows carbonOS to have nice interactive debugging and coredumps without shipping large debuginfo files with the OS

TODO: This isn't implemented yet

GPG Keys

These are the distribution GPG keys. A new key is generated every 3 releases, and each release of carbonOS includes its own key and the next key. You can get the latest in-use gpg key at current.gpg and the upcoming gpg key at next.gpg